50 Masterworks from the Brown Collection, By David C. Swoyer

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50 Masterworks from the Brown Collection

By David C. Swoyer

"The Collection - which numbers over 2800 Florida-themed works - has art in numerous two-dimensional media. We have become aware that artists working in Florida sought to distill these images they envisioned through the art-making methods at which they were most skilled. Thus it became necessary that we learn about the nuances of techniques as well as the storeis of subjects to best choose a well-rounded collection."

"This condensed book accompanies the two larger volumes about the collection - Reflections: Paintings of Florida, 1865-1965 and Reflections II: Watercolors of Florida, 1835-2000 as documents of the Collection. It includes those works that exemplify the range and quality of the works in the Collection that are now presented in the new state-of-the-art museum." - Cici and Hyatt Brown, Collectors


"I chose these 50 paintings with the goal of showing 50 artists at their creative best. 50 Masterwoks from the Brown Collection presents and discusses 50 works by artist who painted Florida subjects which exemplify their best styles and techniques. Wheather the artist are internationally known or recognized only in the region of Florida in which they worked, these are works that rank at the pinnacle of their complete catalogues. These are works by which any other of the artists' paintings can be measured." - David C. Swoyer, Curator, The Brown Collection


120 pages